Your choice

Our employees are thoroughly trained in the latest custom framing technology, including essential techniques in color and design. With thousands of selections, our consultants will customize a plan just for you. We back up our quality of superior craftsmanship and experience.

Your value

Our customers receive the full benefit of our years of experience which translates into competitive prices. Because of the long-standing relationships over the years with our suppliers we have developed, we are able to offer you excellent prices on all of our products and services. 

Our service

We are easy to do business with! We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop, servicing

a wide range of customer needs beyond framing. This includes:

  • Installation
  • Carpeting
  • Decorator accessibility

Client Testimonials

"We have used Griffin Gallery with four of our offices to design our public areas with furniture and art."

- Resurgens Orthopedics

"We chose Griffin Gallery for their service, distinctive design and quality."

- Lisa Moore